About Us

  We are a team of independent professional solicitors, experts in law and tax, with more than 10 years’ experience practising law in Valencia and Alicante.

  We offer our clients (individuals or companies) an integrated and complete legal-tax service to protect their interests. We have a philosophy of working in close collaboration with our clients and feel it is important to offer a personalised service.

  We are Spanish but with high level English and plenty of experience looking out for the interests of both our resident and non-resident clients throughout Valencia and Alicante, so we can offer you the best of both worlds.

Why Choose Us?

  •   We offer creative and innovative legal advice to meet our clients’ needs.
  •   We provide independent legal advice.
  •   We place an emphasis on results which means that our clients can judge our efficiency.
  •   We provide our clients with prompt legal advice on a timely basis.
  •   We have a wide vision of the legal and financial aspects of each transaction we are involved in.
  •   We are fully equipped to provide legal advice via the Internet and have successfully resolved legal issues for clients using this media. We have Internet technology to assist in our practice e.g. access to legal databases.
  •   Our adaptability to the continuous changes in the Spanish legal system, new markets, economic globalisation and advances in technology keeps us at the peak of our profession so our clients get the very best service.
  •   Our network of contacts allows our clients access to different auxiliary services in many types of business sectors and transactions (e.g. architects, surveyors, engineers and builders).

Property Conveyancing Solicitors

 Here at Colomer Lawyers our property conveyancing services provide you with everything you need to buy or sell a property in Spain. Our ample experience in property conveyancing in Valencia area ensures we are fully equipped to guide you hassle-free through the complex Spanish conveyancing system, saving you both time and money. As a tight-knit team of conveyancing solicitors and tax experts, we are more than qualified to deal with every aspect of buying or selling a property in Spain.

 Our comprehensive property conveyancing services combine knowledge and expertise with a personal approach stemming from our philosophy that no two clients are the same nor should be treated as such. As independent property conveyancing solicitors we adapt to your particular situation and work to protect your interests as a purchaser or vendor of property in Spain.

 Out team of conveyancing solicitors are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. We offer legal conveyancing services designed to meet your needs. Our property conveyancing solicitors are specialised in:

  •   Selling property in Spain
  •   Buying property in Spain
  •   Auction property conveyancing
  •   Repossessed property conveyancing
  •   Conveyancing for builders & developers

Wills and Inheritance

 It’s not something we like to dwell on, but writing a will in Spain is a necessary step to make the process of inheriting as straightforward as possible and protect the interests of your loved ones in the future. Our wills and inheritance service provides you with legal and tax advice for making a will that suits your particular situation. We can help you with drafting a will, aid you in appointing an executor of will, explain to you how inheritance tax works in Spain, and ensure you avoid any possible future pitfalls with careful inheritance tax planning.

Civil and criminal law

 Our legal department, has extensive experience in civil and criminal proceedings. Our professionals also extend its activity to fiscal and administrative procedures. Our experience tells us that most of our clients seeking legal services, following the conclusion of the case remain a lasting relationship with our office and not only with the judicial department.

Non resident

Our non-resident tax service includes:

  •   Tax calculation for this year.
  •   Presentation of non-resident tax declarations (form 210).
  •   Management of unpaid or undeclared taxes from past years.
  •   Claiming back the 3% capital gains tax retention where appropriate.
  •   Council Tax (IBI) management.
  •   Fiscal representation to the Spanish tax authority.
  •   Obtaining an NIE (identification number for foreigners).
  •   Census information (form 030).

Where can you find us?

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